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Lugage MIA

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First of all, I am getting really frustrated with no answers regarding my luggage that went missing on a flight from "Nashville, TN to Las Vegas, NV" non stop on Flight 1789. My wife's luggage made it. It's been 5 days since the luggage went M.I.A.. Calling the support center I get "We haven't located it". Huh? How is it that I can travel to China with over 1 billion people & Southwest can't find my bag?

Too make matters worse I am a combat veteran of the first "Gulf WaR" which had a few items that were precious to me. Don't mention the different shoes that my wife placed in my luggage. That's another story for another day.

I just wish that someone would actually step up & give me a real answer. Instead of, the daily call around 1130 am & state "That we can't locate it". I could do that too. Just pay me to answer that question. This is frustrating & I am speacheless also.


Re: Lugage MIA

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Your frustration is understandable, as is your concern for you personal momentos. By the way, thank you for your service. I'm the son of a combat veteran (Viet Nam) and can appreciate what you have done for the rest of us.

An unfortunate reality of airline travel is that bags sometimes get lost and they are not always easy to find. Bags are lost for many different reasons (loaded on the wrong aircraft, destination tag torn off, fell off a belt within the bag delivery system, etc.). And, given that many bags look similar, once a bag is reported lost, it's not always easy to distinguish it from all the other lost bags at the airport where it ended up. Long story, short, the representatives at Southwest are giving you a "real answer." They honestly don't know where your bag is...yet.

If it's only been five days since the bag was lost, I would not give up hope on it being found. Try your best to remain patient (it's not easy, I know) and continue to call Southwest every day. I hope that it is found soon.

Re: Lugage MIA

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It's not like UPS unfortunately, the bags aren't tracked in the same way.


They do have your name on them from the sticker, but if that comes off they will have no idea unless you have some identifying information or your own name tag on the luggage with contact information.


I don't believe it to be very common occurence, but the luggage could also have been stolen at the destination when it went on the carousel.


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Re: Lugage MIA

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@DancingDavidE wrote:

I don't believe it to be very common occurence, but the luggage could also have been stolen at the destination when it went on the carousel.


Unfortunately, it is more common than most passengers know. There have been entire gangs of luggage thieves caught at many airports...Pensacola is one airport that comes to mind.

Hopefully this is not the case with your bag.