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MCO to MBJ in Oct

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We are flying out from Orlando in Oct and on quite a few days in September Southwest fly direct to Montego Bay,we cannot change our departure date,and on Oct 1st the flight is via Fort Lauderdale and departs early morning,does anyone know what are the chances of another flight being added ? Or is that quite rare,having never flown with Southwest I thought I would ask the community,

Thank You.


Re: MCO to MBJ in Oct

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Hey there,



Routes are set way in advance. Airlines vary with their routes: on Sunday there may be a direct, but on Monday there isn't. 


Honestly speaking, Southwest is 99% UNLIKELY to add a direct flight for that date if they haven't already. Be sure to share feedback though, so that the airline knows that is a passengers request.


Hope this helps! Safe travels.



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