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Mexico City

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I was on a flight this weekend going to Amarillo, TX.  When checking the flight tracker I always see the little red circle of SWA destination cities and that blue dot for other points of interest.  When I scrolled down to Mexico I seen the red dot on Mexico City as an SWA destination?  When I was going to book a  flight a couple of years ago to the see NFL game that was being played there, it showed that SWA didn't fly there anymore.  Am I missing something or is the flight tracker indicating the wrong thing?   I'm hoping I missed the fact that SWA is still/returned to flying to Mexico City because I'm booking a flight soon.  


Re: Mexico City

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Nope, you are not missing anything. Southwest no longer flies to Mexico City.


 SW and quite a few other airlines pared Mexico City routes a bunch before the pandemic hit.

For the other airlines, my understanding it was a lack of nationals flying US airlines, instead preferring their home grown ones,