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My flights in July are flying other places today

Explorer C

Okay what are the chances these flights I have booked in July are cancelled? Right now if I look them up on FlightAware there are flight paths that are not the ones I booked. 


For example:

On 7/17/22 I have a SW FLIGHT #1754 going from Dallas Love Field to Albuquerque. 

If I look up SW FLIGHT #1754 on FlightAware it currently flys to FL, OK, and St Louis MO


Another example:

On 7/14/22 I have SW Flight 1361 and SW Flight 1632 going from Hartford to BWI to Dallas Love Field.

Currently if I look up those flight numbers they go from LA to Denver and San Jose to Burbank


Now I don't fly a lot, but to me it seems like these flights I booked are not going to happen. 

What do ya'll think???


Re: My flights in July are flying other places today

Frequent Flyer C

Airlines, like Southwest, don't always maintain the same flight numbers throughout the year. So your flight number next month or a few months from now may be operating different flights currently. 

I just looked up a flight on Southwest from DEN to OAK on July 17 and chose a random flight number from a nonstop and just as for you, that flight number was not operating that flight currently.

These may change because of new routes, route resumptions, or even aircraft scheduling. Your flights should happen, but in the event that they don't, you have one free flight change if Southwest ends up changing your flight.


-Andrew E

DEN based | Aviation Enthusiast

Andrew E
DEN (CLT) Based | Aviation Enthusiast | Full of Passion for Southwest

Re: My flights in July are flying other places today

Aviator A

Legacy airlines do have some routes that maintain the same flight number everyday but that is definitely not a thing at Southwest.



Re: My flights in July are flying other places today

Adventurer A

I am flying in 3 weeks my flight numbers all refer to different routes. It's normal. Your flight number may refer to a different route up until several days before your flight. No worries!

Re: My flights in July are flying other places today

Frequent Flyer A

Be careful with Flightaware, it a great tool, but you have to make sure you're looking at the whole itinerary of a flight #. SWA flies multiple legs on the same flight number often so you have to drill down sometimes to find exactly what's what. 

Today as I sit in DAL Flightaware is changing as I write this, Flight 51 is a hot mess that was flying me to Hobby and coming from Lubbock under the same #,  but now due to thunder storms appears to be morphing into another plane that may be coming from Long beach or Tampa

Don't lose faith, my fingers are crossed

Safe travels