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My most memorable southwest flight

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It was flight 1714 a plane change in Dallas, from Houston, to New York (LaGuardia).

I was surprising my daughter who was turning 11, with a trip to see Lion King on Broadway. I remember boarding the flight and the flight attendant engaging my daughter, she'd asked if she was from Dallas and where she was headed. My daughter responded, "no, I'm from Houston and we're traveling for my mom’s work." I whispered and told the flight attendant that it was her birthday and I was surprising her with a trip to New York to see the Lion King on Broadway. The attendant said, “Wow, that's awesome! you're a great mom." Then she asked how old my daughter was turning and her name...
4 hours later after we'd landed that same flight attendant blew my mind and did one of the sweetest things... she asked everyone to do her a huge favor: lower their window shades and turn on their overhead lights, then, she proceeded to our row and crowned my daughter's head with a decorative topping made of peanut packets and stir straws. Then she made an announcement beseeching everyone to join her in signing happy birthday to 11-year-old Saniah. This moment was one for the books, I felt a complete satisfaction for life and all of humanity.

The look of astonishment that settled on my daughters face and the puzzling reality that an entire plan knew her name. To top it off she'd just learned that we were in NY due to messages blaring through the intercom. At the time, she wanted to be an actress on the Disney show "Jessie" based out of NY. So, in the mind of an 11-yr. old in NY, she was sure she'd see them and be famous too. This incredible moment lead to the most incredible passengers that had shared a flight with us all waving and continuing to celebrate her and call her by name throughout the airport, from luggage pick-up to fetching a cab. Which only increased her excitement as she tried to figure out how everyone in NY suddenly knew her and how she'd instantly become a famous person. SW you've given me one of the proudest moments as a mother and a story that my daughter and I share and laugh about to this day; 4 yrs. later.

Thank you Southwest!

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Re: My most memorable southwest flight

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LUV it! If you're so inclined you may also want to reach out to the Soutwest Twitter team so your crew can be recognized within the company (this forum is primarily customers like us).

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Re: My most memorable southwest flight

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Love the story. Thanks for sharing it.


I'm Glad that you and you daughter had such a memorable experience