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Does Southwest still fly here? Since they just opened dates we’re trying to book RDU to Nassau between 10/30 and 11/8 and it keeps saying there are no flights for these dates. But if I look at FLL to Nassau there are plenty of flights and RDU flies direct to FLL for southwest. Help!


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Well it looks like the problem is going out to Nassau as the return is fine and shows a stop in FLL. Going from RDU to NAS, there's one flight from RDU to FLL and from FLL to NAS. You'd arrive in FLL at 6:25pm while the flight to NAS departs at 12:15pm. There's only one one-stop flight that would get you there in time, but because Southwest will book no more than one plane change and no more than two stop, there's no available flights. 


My suggestion would be to make three separate bookings:

1. It's a little wonky but one-way RDU to FLL via BWI to arrive in FLL at 11:05am

2. one-way FLL to NAS leaving at 12:15pm

3: the return all as one, NAS-RDU via FLL


Based on what I found this is the best possible/really the only way to get to NAS from RDU on Southwest. The down side is you have to claim and recheck any bags and re-clear security in FLL on the way there all with a tight connection, so you may get a poor seat to Nassau from FLL.. You can also try adjusting days of travel. For example, SW flys nonstop from BWI to NAS on Saturdays. If this doesn't work for you, try a different airline.


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Re: Nassau

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FYI, you can request bags be checked through across multiple reservations so you don't have to claim and recheck. The downside of booking multiple trips to complete the trip is if you are delayed and miss the connection it's on you.