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Need cost assistance for poor Jamaican man

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My family recently took a vacation to Jamaica and March and met a wonderful young man at the resort we stayed at in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  We would like to help him make his first visit to the United States.  He is a terrific young man with dreams to be more than a bartender.  He would love to be a marine biologist someday.  He comes from a large very poor family.  Do you know any way that we could find financial assistance to help with his airline ticket? We wrote him a letter to invite him to our home and he has an appointment with the Embassy office in May  to interview for a travel visa.  He already had to pay around $200 US to apply for the travel visa.
We live in central Wisconsin so we would have to use the Milwaukee (MKE) or Minneapolis (MSP) airport for the arrival and he would use the Montego Bay, Jamaica airport (MBJ) for the departure.  Any suggestions would be appreciated😀


Re: Need cost assistance for poor Jamaican man

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This is a follow up. The visa was not issued in May because the Embassay is very stern/strick on insurring Jamaicans will return to the island after their vacation visit. VERY.

I sent DianeS a private message because I feared it was a typical hussel by a Jamaican to get money out of the tourist who is smitten and yields a false "my good friend" status.