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New Hawaii Cities: Saturday only

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There are a number of secondary markets that would likely support less than daily flights to HNL or OGG.  Granted Allegiant tried, but those were 230 seat aircraft that had one cancellation after another and people learned quickly that reliability was poor and stayed away.  So fast forward to 2021, would a Saturday only schedule from FAT, BOI, GEG, maybe RNO have merit?  I am on DL next week out of FAT to HNL and the schedule is horrible.  I’d certainly welcome a Saturday only flight to either Maui or Oahu.


Re: New Hawaii Cities: Saturday only

Top Contributor

Generally speaking, it's not Southwest's business model to have such infrequent service. They also seem to be pretty happy having a handful of cities that people can connect through to get to Hawaii so there's less pressure to offer non-stop service from every town. Since the catering is also slightly different, limiting the number of Hawaii departure points helps slim costs. Lastly, again speaking generally about Southwest's business model, small town flights tend to funnel into a hub of sorts where you can then get anywhere with the one stop. I certainly can appreciate everyone wanting nonstop service to Hawaii from their home airport, I just don't see that happening on Southwest.