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Non-stop flight from CAK to New Yor

Explorer C

Is anyone else interested in Southwest resuming non-stop service from Akron Canton Airport or even Pittsburgh to New York city?


We took the CAK to NY flight last year and it was great.  This year we had to go from CAK to Atlanta then to NY.  Our flight was delayed due to a maintenance issue, and instead of arriving in NY at 3:30 we arrived at 8:30.   That non-stop flight was greatly in demand.


Southwest did compensate us with a voucher and even sent a cab from Cleveland so we could fly from Cleveland to Midway to NY, which we all felt Southwest went over and above to compensate us, but that non-stop flight would have solved our problems and got us there much sooner.






Re: Non-stop flight from CAK to New Yor

Explorer C

SWA first took over airtran then abandoned CAK. Airtran's flights to FL were always full and nonstop, then made you stop in Atlanta (which took the trip from 2+ hrs to over 5. Now SWA abandoned CAK totally.