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Non-stop from NY to Miami…WHEN??

Explorer C

I have been flying SWA for years to get from NY to Florida.  Non-stop flights have become very limited.  Flying to Fort Lauderdale and then driving to Miami was always an option until southwest cut nonstop flights from New York.  Flying from New York to Miami now takes almost an entire day since there are always delays in the second leg of the flight. 


What is happening to the nonstops? When will there be a nonstop from New York to Miami? Almost every other airline has them. I have been flying my family for over 20 years on Southwest Airlines, always my first choice.  We are now flying Delta so that we can get to Miami without wasting an entire day in an airport.   So, when!?




Re: Non-stop from NY to Miami…WHEN??

Aviator A

All airlines, including Southwest adjust routes and schedules based on demand, profitability, and competition.  It's possible this route could return, or it could remain as it is now.  You're welcome to submit your suggestion directly to Southwest.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message to Southwest.



Re: Non-stop from NY to Miami…WHEN??

Aviator A

Southwest has only been flying to Miami for about a year. It's a pretty new route. 



Re: Non-stop from NY to Miami…WHEN??

Frequent Flyer C

It's a little bit further but you can fly southwest to Fort Lauderdale from the Long Island/Islip airport. That said, it does seem to only be operated on Saturday and Sunday.


Southwest used the pandemic to expand to new markets since the aircraft were underutilized due to a drop in demand and because of that, they haven't fully restored their pre-pandemic network. Over the next five years, instead of expanding, they'll be working on rebuilding their pre-pandemic network since all the expansion they recently did would have been done over 5-10 years, but was implemented in two.


-Andrew E

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Andrew E
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