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Non stop in september

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Trying to plan a vacation from ewr (Newark) to mco (Orlando) in September 2018 but there’s only one non stop flight each way.  Both at inopportune times.   We are traveling with my daughter who will be 15 months old so a nonstop is definitely needed.  Anyone know if more times will be released as it gets closer or is that it?? 


Re: Non stop in september

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From what I have seen over time usually once the schedule is set they don't add additional flights unless someone buys a charter plane and those flights aren't sold to the General public. On occasion I see additional flights added in emergency situations such as a hurricane or a fun case like the super bowl but not for oh there is only one non stop flight let's add an additional one. they would look at those stats later on for future scheduling purposes 


Hope this helps 


Re: Non stop in september

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Have you considered leaving from Philadelphia instead? From PHL, Southwest has at least four Saturday non-stops to Orlando in September. It may be worth the longer trip to the airport if it saves you the hassle of connecting.