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Nonstop Houston to MSP

Explorer C

I really miss the non-stop flights that used to exist between Houston and MSP.  Any plans to re-instate them?  It is a frequent topic of frustration for travelers I meet trying to fly between the two cities.


Re: Nonstop Houston to MSP

Aviator A

You're welcome to provide your suggestion directly to Southwest.  Use the contact us link below and send a message.



Re: Nonstop Houston to MSP

Frequent Flyer C

I believe Southwest used to have 4-5 gates at Minneapolis from my memory of flying in to MSP to see my grandparents, but has now been reduced to 3 gates as Sun Country reworked their model and has dramatically increased their service offerings and the airport  pushed/added airlines to the Humphrey terminal (Frontier, JetBlue, Icelandair, Condor, Allegiant). Because of this, I think Southwest has had to decrease their service and limit offerings to their more profitable routes out of MSP. I could be mistaken, but I think that's what happened. 


Andrew E

DEN (CLT) Based | Aviation Enthusiast | Full of Passion for Southwest

DEN (CLT) Based | Aviation Enthusiast | Full of Passion for Southwest