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Re: Nonstop from OAK to PVR

Explorer C

I am extremely disappointed that the nonstop flights from OAK or SJC are gone. I am a loyal Southwest flyer and will continue to be one due to the lack of a change fee, and the ability to check bags (although I haven't checked a bag in years). 


And yes, the cost of Southwest flights to PVR, and the increased time to the destination from OAK or SJC means I can no longer take a Thurs - Sun recharge break in PVR. The pricing means that Southwest is also no longer cost-competitive on this route. 


I am sure this is related to two things - the ongoing Max issues, and Southwest is redeploying planes to their most profitable routes - i.e. Hawaii. I was on a flight that was about to land in PVR once, and then turned around and flew back to LAX. Why? There was a mechanical issue and it turned out Southwest doesn't have any maintenance facilities iin Mexico. 


So perhaps the other factor is Hawaii likely has such facilities, and once the planes are there, they can fly from island to island, which I bet is also quite profitable. 


It will be interesting to see what changes if any Southwest makes based on these Boeing issues. 


But for now, it likely makes sense to look at alternatives if flying to PVR from the bay area.  



Re: Nonstop from OAK to PVR

Aviator A

Nonstops from PHL to LAS and back ceased in the beginning of 2019 - right around the time of the MAX 8 grounding. The last nonstop flights I took was in October 2018. This route only had 1-2 nonstop flights per day to begin with, so I can understand them being eliminated, but it's still painful. I am coping the best I can, but the 'cheapest' options now are with 2 stops, and it's hard!