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Notice to piolets in Indianapolis, In

Explorer C

I am a wrecker driver in Indianapolis. Should any Southwest employees car break down on the streets of Indy anytime from here on out, know that there will be a slight delay getting assistance to you, say a couple hours. After such time, you may realize we ARE NOT coming at all. Thank YOU Southwest Airlines for ruining Christmas for my family. We will NEVER use your services again.


Re: Notice to piolets in Indianapolis, In

Aviator A

Both sad and a bit funny.



Sorry your Christmas was ruined.

Re: Notice to piolets in Indianapolis, In

Aviator A

Hardly the pilots fault here, taking it out on Southwest employees is 100% the wrong approach. I certainly wouldn't want to be in their shoes.



Re: Notice to piolets in Indianapolis, In

Aviator A

How much have you had to drink today? Maybe an extra cup of coffee might help 

do you really think pilots or FAs want to just sleep in an airport or not go anywhere and want all flights canceled NO you are crazy for thinking this is there fault and should rethink your assumption. Taking your anger out on employees is wrong and you obviously need someone to help you see that 

Many crew members have spent HOURS on the phone with crew scheduling trying to get a flight assigned this seems to be more of a system can’t keep up situation now. 

Re: Notice to piolets in Indianapolis, In

Adventurer B

Well said.


Is it frustrating or perhaps disappointing to have your vacation travel canceled? Of course, my family's trip to FL was canceled, but it's not the end of the world. I appreciate that Southwest prioritizes safety over schedule. And I certainly would not take my frustration out on the pilots, FA's, gate agents, customer service reps, or anyone else.


Can Southwest improve operations, undoubtedly; they've always had a continuous improvement model, I'm sure they'll learn from this event and make things better in the future. 


In the meantime, thank you Southwest for being the best airline possible, and I hope operations return to normal as quickly as possible.

- Will (where there's a will there's a way)