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OAK -PVR Direct Flights

Explorer A

Is there any way the direct flights to PVR from OAK will be resuming any time soon? We fly to PVR several times a year. We were very dejected that SWA stopped these direct flights. Flying through Phoenix or SNA takes up the entire day and therefore we have started flying Alaska Airlines out of SFO direct to PVR. (under 3 and half hours). I love flying out of Oak but the 30 minute bart train to SFO to catch a direct flight to PVR is well worth the trouble. I hope you guys @ SWA bring this back.


Re: OAK -PVR Direct Flights

Aviator A

I assume you are asking about non-stop flights, not direct which in Southwest speak is a flight that stops, but doesn't change planes. These days Southwest is routing most of their international flights through a handful of airports and having people connect through those few places. Based on this trend I wouldn't expect a non-stop OAK-PVR to return, but you never know. Submit your feedback directly to Southwest so they know the demand is there. Use the contact us link below and send a message.