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Omaha to Turks

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Looking to fly Omaha - Providinceles Turks and Caicos in March.  Two things, when does March scheduling open and will SWA fly Omaha to Turks in March?   I can’t find any current route from Omaha to Turks in the open scheduling.  


Re: Omaha to Turks

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According to the Southwest website, flights through March 6th of 2020 will open on July 10th of this year for booking. This is subject to change, of course!


As far as that route specifically, I don't find any availability currently.  You would need to reach out to Southwest directly as far as info about routes.  You can use the Contact Us link below.


Good luck!

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Re: Omaha to Turks

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On July 10 Southwest plans to open the schedule thru 3/6. That date is subject to change. Dates later in March will likely open roughly a month later.


As far as whether or not SW will fly from Omaha to Turks at that time, no one here has information that would allow us to answer the question. A good rule of thumb would be if the airline doesn;t provide the route earlier in the winter, it's not likely to do so in February/March. The only way to know for sure is to wait for the schedule to drop,