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Pre pandemic

Explorer C

Will southwest return to pre pandemic nonstop flights, such as ISP to TPA?


Re: Pre pandemic

Aviator A

Southwest, and all other airlines, change routes and schedules frequently to adjust for demand, profitability, etc. No one here can tell you if or when routes will change. You're certainly welcome to submit your comments directly to Southwest if you would like, use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message.



Re: Pre pandemic

Frequent Flyer C

Southwest did say that they were going to be focusing on rebuilding their pre-pandemic network rather than adding new destinations for awhile. That said, I cannot say if or when routes will resume. You can send them a message via any social media platform through comments or direct messages or you can send them a message through the contact us below.


Andrew E

DEN Based | Aviation Enthusiast

DEN (CLT) Based | Aviation Enthusiast | Full of Passion for Southwest

Re: Pre pandemic

Aviator A

I am hopeful for more nonstop flights!