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I've never been to Salt Lake City and was considering going there for a long weekend in October. Any recommendations for things to see/do in a couple of days?


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My frequent travel to UT stopped a couple of years ago, but I always enjoyed the great weather, friendly people, and plethora of outdoor activities.  Perhaps surprisingly, one of the first things I think of about SLC is its great food scene.  There's a little bit of everything there so do some research and plan a few good meals.  October is a little rough since you're not in either ski season nor warm outdoor weather activity season, but there is still lots to do outdoors.  If you like to hike there are numerous day hikes in the local area of various difficulty.  There's some major renovation going on in the downtown Temple Square area so it's not as nice to walk through as it once was, but it's still worth a look since it's such an important piece of history and culture for the area.  Red Butte Garden is also a great outdoor walking garden worth checking out, although again, it's October and not spring so it won't be the spectacle it can be in warmer weather.  A little out of SLC you can check out Park City for it's art scene and again, good food.  MLS soccer and NBA basketball teams should be playing in October and there are numerous concert venues.


That's my initial thoughts, hit me up if you have more questions.



Re: SLC Inspiration

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I go to the region for work quite a bit, and I’ve really come to love going there. Just gorgeous along the Wasatch there. Since I go for work, I don’t have the normal “vacation” kinda recs (someone else can advise the skiing/hiking, etc, though I do often hike behind the state Capitol in the mornings, great views) but I really love local chain Vessel Kitchen (fresh, healthy, delicious—I love the steelhead trout and the naan tacos) and downtown restaurant Boltcutter (it’s vegan Mexican—I know I know—but I love it, and I’m definitely not vegan). They do sweets really well there—I love Suss Cookies and Crumbl is great plus the requisite/omnipresent Swig (tasty sodas and sugar cookies). If you get the chance drive down to Provo and the BYU Creamery for some of that tasty chocolate milk of theirs, make the gorgeous drive behind Mount Timp over to Park City via Heber, then get some bourbon at High West there. Really good restaurants up by Midway near there, too.


The worst part? Having to fly into the new SLC airport. Just an awful awful sprawl, especially from the Southwest gates. You end up walking literally more than a mile to get to the rental car center, it’s added a ton of time to my travels.