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Sacramento to Costa Rica

New Arrival

I noticed that there are flights from Sacramento to Costa Rica in May but nothing in June-August.  I've called and emailed and no one seems to know.  We've been forced to fly from out of the area.  Any idea what's going on?


Re: Sacramento to Costa Rica

Top Contributor

What changes is your flight from SMF to HOU.


On June 3 it is one stop same plane service to HOU. After that it is one stop HOU service with a change of plane.


Southwest has a rule that it won't book an itinerary with more than one plane change., which is what it would be starting June 4.


You can book it yourself as a multi city ticket (you still have plenty of time to connect in HOU). Be aware though that doing this will likely require you to pick up and recheck your luggage in HOU and clear TSA again.

Re: Sacramento to Costa Rica

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You should be able to check your bags all the way through, you just have to tell the check-in agent at SMF that you have 2 separate reservations and need bags checked through.