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San Diego to Fresno, please!

New Arrival

I frequently travel from San Diego to Fresno. Alaska Airlines currently serves that route and I would love to switch over to SWA. Any buzz on if/when this will ever happen?


Re: San Diego to Fresno, please!

New Arrival

Anywhere to Fresno, please! More than six million people live in the Valley, yet you fly only to Sacramento, in the northern part.  More than half a million live in Fresno and Clovis. If Southwest flew there, I'd certainly take advantage of real 737's instead of commuter planes from most of the majors or ancient, awful MD-80's from AA. You guys need to do FAT ASAP.

Re: San Diego to Fresno, please!

Active Member

Yes, please add Fresno!!  The central valley of California is underserved.