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San Diego to LAX?

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While I keep getting emails from SW reminding me to go ahead book this connection, no such connection exists anymore on the booking calendar. Is this popular connection permanently gone? 


Re: San Diego to LAX?

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There's no way to know if it is permanently gone, but it certainly is not available thru year end.

Re: San Diego to LAX?

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The only airlines I know that fly between LAX and SAN are Delta and United. I don't recall if Southwest ever did it. There's plenty of 1 stop itineraries between LAX and SAN, just doesn't seem logical. I don't know why you'd connect through Vegas, just seems quicker to drive, cost may be similar. Heck, I've flown into LAX and driven down to San Diego. We won't know if they'll offer a nonstop connection until they would announce it, so who knows. It can be requested through the Contact Us link below or by social media.


Andrew E

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