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Searching for flights

New Arrival

Why can't I browse the prices for all the cities from any starting city? Maybe I go somewhere on a whim because it is cheap. You have removed the option. Which makes it even more unlikely for me to take a random trip. Pretty annoying and your lose in the end. Having to decide on a city to search for fares makes it not even worth my time to browse. I don't know where I want to go. But if it was a price that looked good to me I might decide to go there. Be a good idea to put that look back in place. 


Re: Searching for flights

Top Contributor

Well, in the past, whenever the airline had a fare sale, it gave an opportunity to see fares

from one city to most other cities (because sale fares aren't offered between all cities some cities do not reveal  in the option). I just checked, and the sale announcement doesn't do that now. Yes,  that is irritating.


Since this is a customer to customer forum and not rigorously monitored by SW, perhaps you should file a suggestion/complaint with the airline. Here's how to do so:

Re: Searching for flights

Rising Star

This has been a feature that I've missed as well.  If you go to the link that dfwskier provided, because I am, the more voices the better for a return of what was a good practice.