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Southwest: no more same day/same route bookings :(

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I booked four SW reward flights yesterday. 2 ppl on two flights, the earlier one and the later one. In the middle of the night, I got cancellation notices for both passengers on the later flight.


I figured this was a bug due to the software update, so I called customer service. Not a bug, this is the new policy. You can no longer book more than 1 flight on the same day, same route, same person.


In my mind this is a major devaluation. Being out of DEN, I use southwest to re-position for my award flights on long-hauls. I book multiple flights in case of weather, etc because it would be very bad if I missed the long haul. Now the only option to hedge your bet is either take an early flight that day (less chance you won't make it to your destination in time), and/or book the same route the day before too.



Re: Southwest: no more same day/same route bookings :(

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This is a peer-to-peer community, so if there's anything that can be done, be sure to contact the airline (phone, social DMs) to see if there's a fix for this!


Safe travels!

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Re: Southwest: no more same day/same route bookings :(

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This is not a new policy, it actually started happening in 2017.  You cannot book flights that conflict or would not be possible for one person to actually fly.



Re: Southwest: no more same day/same route bookings :(

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Pretty much every airline prevents double bookings and cancels one of them.


If you have two flights to one destination on the same day and it's not possible to return to the originating city in time to catch the second flight, you are going to be cancelled. 


It's always been that way.


Two identical routings on two consecutive days is not considered double booking.



Re: Southwest: no more same day/same route bookings :(

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You aren't A list and you fly that much?   Another advantage of same day standby.