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Southwest screwups

Explorer B

So it seems the wimpy employees did not want to work this Christmas especially at DIA - the babies said it was to cold. Give me a friggin break, All delivery drivers, all city employees plus thousands of others worked. Did you see any of them walk off the job?? 

Sw ruined my Christmas as well as thousands of others - despicable. 

officially the worst airline in the world. I’m canceling my upcoming flights and will never book with sw again, I don’t even give a crap if it costs me more money. 



Re: Southwest screwups

Aviator A

Sorry to hear your Christmas was ruined.


The problem isn't just Southwest's. It could have happened on any other airline as 10,000 flights were cancelled from Wednesday thru Saturday and another 3000 today - and they sure were not all Southwest flights..


Hope things improve for you.

Re: Southwest screwups

Explorer B

Well airtravel in general was a mess due to the storm.
However southwest had crews walk off the job in several airports on the 23rd forward. 
I have several links our local news station did on the situation. Family members boarded a flight from San Jose to Denver, after sitting on the tarmac for a half hour (with a puppy for my grandkids) they were asked to deplane, saying the flight had been cancelled. After waiting at the ticket counter for 3 hours the mentally challenged person insisted they weren’t eligible for a refund as they had used their ticket.. it gets worse for other family members traveling here. One had his luggage make it to Denver but he wasn’t able to from Los Vegas. So now how does he get his luggage back?? Can anyone explain that??
so yes mine and hundreds of sw travelers had Christmas ruined by their employees not the weather. 

Re: Southwest screwups

Aviator C

If you can't handle the traffic, don't sell the tickets.



Re: Southwest screwups

Explorer C

that really isn’t an excuse after 50 years- they cancel flights and do nothing. They don’t care. 

Re: Southwest screwups

Frequent Flyer B

 maybe in winter does rail travel work?

Re: Southwest screwups

Frequent Flyer C

"So it seems the wimpy employees did not want to work this Christmas especially at DIA - the babies said it was to cold. "

TOO cold.  It was TOO cold.