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Terrible day flying Southwest

Explorer C

I am a young School teacher in Maryland. I recently booked a trip to Costa Rica. I flew out of BWI and arrived at Liberia International Airport 6/16. When I tried to go through Immigration they denied me and sent me instantly on a flight back to BWI. It was the most horrible experience. I was escorted by 4 security guards to the ticket counter and forced on the flight. It was extremely embracing and traumatic. They would not let me use the bathroom in the Airport or purchase food. 


The reason they gave for denied entry: I did not have a return ticket. 

I'm upset with Southwest because they never notified me of the policy. 

They allowed me to purchase just a one way ticket. 

They checked my bags at BWI no notification about return flight immigration policy. 

When I boarded the plane they did not notify me about return flight policy. 


I was a fan of Southwest until this horrible day. 

I want Southwest to make it right to on their end for the most traumatic travel experience. 


Re: Terrible day flying Southwest

Frequent Flyer A

Although I feel your pain, personal ignorance of the laws of foreign countries regarding travel and immigration is never an valid excuse. Blaming the airline you flew on is a hail-mary pass that will never result in a touchdown.

Safe Travels in the future. 

Re: Terrible day flying Southwest

Aviator A

I am so sorry to hear of your experience.


An experienced traveller would have known to search for any specific restrictions on flying to any international destination.. As  young teacher, you might not have known to search for those restrictions.


I am disappointed the gate agent or ticket counter person on your flight to Costa Rica did not ask if you have a return ticket.


I have to admit I searched the Southwest website hard to find a notification to travellers about restrictions and found nada. That was disappointing. I did find the rules, but they were not on the Southwest site.


My only suggestion would be to complain directly to Southwest. To do so click on "contact Us" below and proceed.


I wish you luck and may    your future travels be problem free.