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The Travel Inn at Greensboro, NC

New Arrival

I stayed five nights at the Travel Inn.

The towels had brown spots on them.

The single window curtain was torn and I had to use a band aid to keep people from looking thru my window.

There were roaches in my room including one crawling on my bed.

There was no secondary security lock on the inside of the door other than the dead bolt.

This hotel had no inside hallway entrances to rooms.  Two men were talking about drugs outside my room till quite late.  I thought they were drug dealers.

The pool had brakish water with floating debris. 

There was no refrigerator in my room.


Re: The Travel Inn at Greensboro, NC

Top Contributor

That sounds pretty awful, but this Community focuses on traveling with Southwest Airlines. Perhaps you booked hotel through the Southwest website? You can also leave a review on that portion of the site and on other online travel sites so people looking for a hotel might see it. Southwest does not endorse any hotel so posting here isn't very beneficial.




Re: The Travel Inn at Greensboro, NC

Rising Star

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience at the travel inn. If I walked in to a hotel/motel that looked like that I would check out just as fast as I checked in and find another hotel/motel.


My suggestion is to reach out to the management of that hotel or reach out to the company you booked your hotel through at the phone number which is usually somewhere at the bottom of the confirmation email they sent you when you booked if you don't see a phone number on the bottom of the email I recommend you visit the website you booked though and find the contact us link so they can hopefully help you. 


I hope your next hotel stay will be better than this one!