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Trash Airline

Explorer C

I have traveled many places both domestic and international. THIS is a trash airline and no better than spirit or frontier. I cannot believe they think it's okay to change and delay flights at will then rush passengers who may or may not even be aware of gate changes or flight delays. Its not always easy to make even more adjustments afyer you arrive at what you thought was your gate.  And, although i don't need or request wheelchair assistance, i heard on EVERY LEG OF FLIGHT, those services weren't ready or available to those passengers that did.  I was in both ATL and LAS on 10/09/23, and my own flights were changed MULTIPLE TIMES. For an airline to think there is no consequence (missed connections or ground transport, people that need to eat for medical reasons) associated with their bs is crazy and should be illegal.  They don't compensate you for anything.  I was stuck at the airport in Sacramento trying to find a ride home AT 1:15 AM. Essentially stranded.  I don't care how charming you think your gate agents and flight attendants are, your non-service stinks (they don't allow you to use the word &uck on here).  When my business partners told me to get a real airline when I was tempted by the low, bargain basement pricing offered by Frontier or Spirit, I was still trying to be mindful and was swayed by the free checked bags (2). I will not make that mistake again.  


Re: Trash Airline

Aviator A

Sorry to hear you are disappointed. You can complain directly to SW by clicking on "contact us" below and proceeding..


I suggest you look at the reddit subredits of other airlines. You'll see the complaints are as bad and in most cases worse than those leveled at SW.