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Re: Update on Costa Rica

Aviator A

@denno wrote:

 .  But "we don't know when and we won't say why" just kind of leaves people deflated and thinking others can succeed where Southwest cannot.  Give us a little pep talk.  If it won't be till November, say so and provide something to look forward to.



You may not like it, but that appears to be the truth: the airline does not know when

  Why should the airline lie and say "it won't be until November, when it doesn't know that." It could be July, or not. It could be September, or not. It could be October, or not..

It might even  be November, or not.


If the airline were to say "it won't be until November," and it turns out to be April, 2022, lots of people will slam the airline for lying.


I refer truth over fiction.