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Re: WHY SO EXPENSIVE?????????????????

Aviator A

@Bojangles10 wrote:

Im totally with you! We go to Jamaica every year, and I book my flights usually 5 months ahead. This year they are over $900 per person BWI MBJ, we usually pay $400, and all the wanna get away flights are all sold out! Will those come back closer to date? We go every year in April. I’m worried this year. Wondering if I should switch airlines. We’ve been loyal SW customers. Got on Air hint to alert me to lower prices. Any other suggestions??


WannaGet Away fares do occassionally appear in the future as it becomes apparent to the airline that it is not filling enough seats. Nothing is guaranteed, though.


Your two options are


1) buy the $900 ticket recogniziing that, unlike other airlines, the anytime fare is fully refundable -- and just wait to see if a cheaper fare shows up in the future.


2) if another airline offers a fare significsntly cheaper than you can find in Southwest,  just buy the ticket - recognizing that there may be other costs imposed by the other airline.


Re: WHY SO EXPENSIVE?????????????????

Explorer C

I read something about SW announcing small price increases $5-10 a flight.  Ummmm I think they underestimated.   I'm seeing 50% increases and diminished routes.  I suspect a change at the top leadership levels.  That is usually what results in this kind of rapid, customer impacting change.


The original intent of SW was to be an airline the everyday, non-business person could afford.  Their prices are now too high to travel frequently for non-business. Sadly, I too am now back using the traditional airlines.  It is truly disheartening - the airline's original purpose and vision has disappeared.   In a world where many are talking about knowing your WHY - what is SW's now? 

Re: WHY SO EXPENSIVE?????????????????

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The price hikes are no doubt related to the MAX 8 groundings. It has hurt Southwest significantly since they used more MAX 8s than any other airline.