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WSJ rankings are out

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I think the rankings skew a bit towards the needs of business flyers, and I'm also disappointed that MDW doesn't seem to be getting credit for the new restaurants yet - maybe Yelp! isnt the best way to source that data.


Anyway, here is the think in case anyone would like to discuss.


Depending if you have already read your quota of free WSJ articles already it should be free to read.





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Re: WSJ rankings are out

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I'm out of my free quota.


That being said, as someone who flies in a tin can about 35 times a year, the things that are important to me are


1) Short taxi times

2) Easy  walks around airport

3) Convenient parking

4) Acceptable food offerings (I don't eat at airports very often)


Given those I sure would pick MDW over ORD, and DAL over DFW every single day of the week.


I haven't seen the 15 criterion that the WSJ used, but would like to.

Re: WSJ rankings are out

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MDW is perfect for connections until it isn' what I always say! LOL Those winters will get you!


Food has improved, but I would def still chooose to connect thought HOU, DAL, or BWI in most cases.


But that is just me!  Unfortunately, I have never been anywhere in Chicago except for going through MDW.  I need to fix that!

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