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We miss you in Newark NJ

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Southwest was my first choice when traveling, but then you left Newark Airport. I know it got expensive for you, but now, flying Southwest is too expensive and troublesome for me. Using LaGuardia from my home in Northern NJ takes twice as long, and getting to LGA is twice as expensive. (I live north and a little west of the GW Bridge.)


You'd be my first choice again if you returned to Newark. If the opportunity presents itself, I hope you'll seize it.


Re: We miss you in Newark NJ

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Since this is a customer to customer forum you may want to submit your comments directly to Southwest, Contact Customer Relations 



Re: We miss you in Newark NJ

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I'm with you on this one.  Loved going into Newark as opposed to the other NY airports.  

Re: We miss you in Newark NJ

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I remember reading when Southwest left this airport, and it made me nervous because PHL isn't that far away and PHL is mostly an American Airlines hub - over half the terminals are strictly AA. Southwest used to have spots in terminals D & E but now they are only in the E terminal, but they've taken over the entire end of the terminal. It's better than Jet Blue or Spirit that only have a couple of gates elsewhere in terminal E. 



Re: We miss you in Newark NJ

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Don't take my word on this, but I think it's a possibility that Southwest could return to Newark when the terminal renovation projects are done, but in the meantime, Southwest looks to be focusing on some smaller and cheaper airports with sufficient demand to make a profit.