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When is Hawaii and London coming?

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I hear that LAX has been determined to be the west coast location for the new Hawaii service and at the recent Analyst meeting - there was a mention of Hawaii before the year's end.  Will these flight appear with the next release - May 31,2018?   I also hear that Southwest already has gates at London-Gadwich.  The new long route approved 800's make both of these possible.  London is Calling - So when is London coming?


Re: When is Hawaii and London coming?

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Gatwick sounds great...where did you read this??  I'm from London so that would be great.  LHR would be better for me.

Re: When is Hawaii and London coming?

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I don't know where you heard either of these rumors so any source material would be appreciated.  The only solid news that has come out recently was Southwest got approval to operate gates in Honolulu.  While service to Honolulu or any other city has not been officially confirmed by Southwest, obtaining gates seems to be a clear sign.  It has been assumed that cities in California such as Los Angeles would be used, again, there has been no confirmation from Southwest about cities.


And the London rumor?  Wow, that's a completely new one to me so I have zero belief in that one.

Re: When is Hawaii and London coming?

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You never know!!


Two Boeing 737-Max 7/8 on order


Four Boeing 737-Max 7/8 Planned 

Re: When is Hawaii and London coming?

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I have not seen any news of London just yet but maybe they will fly there sometime in the future although I don't see that happening anytime soon as they are still working on Hawaii. If you have an article talking about going to London please share it as I would like to read about it to learn more.


in regards to Hawaii flights southwest just got the permit to fly to Hawaii but I believe they still need another permit. I personally think tickets will be a for sale by the end of the year and flying at the beginning of next year but that's my personal thought now if they fly sooner then that would be great