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Why Limited Travel Between Houston/Liberia?

Explorer C

I was hoping to take a trip to Liberia (SJO), however starting in September there are only flights offered on Saturdays. There is another thread regarding this but I’m still looking for answers. The customer representative I spoke to had no clue. 


Does anybody know why southwest is nearly stopping service inbetween Houston/Liberia starting in September? Is this a permanent schedule? I flew the same time last year with no issues with available flights. 


Re: Why Limited Travel Between Houston/Liberia?

Aviator A

@Nick8992 I just came across this older post; sorry you never received a response!


I did some checking, and it looks to me like there are now daily options between HOU and SJO.  I am not sure if you need those anymore, but it is worth taking a look!


Happy flying!


-A List, Companion Pass holder