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Will southwest add hawaii flights from Burbank,CA

Explorer B

Will southwest ever add Hawaii to burbank non stop service?? Burbank airport currently has no non stop flights to Hawaii.


Also I have noticed southwest cutting Hawaii service from Maui to Sacramento and Maui to sa Diego.


Is this temporary??


When southwest gets more 737 Max's will they increase thier Hawaii to mainland USA service??


How is southwests load factor on mainland usa to the hawaiin Islands?? Is is possible southwest airlines will pull out of Hawaii all together??


Re: Will southwest add hawaii flights from Burbank,CA

Aviator A

As mentioned elsewhere, Southwest needs more planes to fly more routes. Burbank has not been mentioned as a gateway city for Alaska but you never know what the future will bring. 




Re: Will southwest add hawaii flights from Burbank,CA

Frequent Flyer C

Southwest is doing really well in Hawaii, so I don't see them pulling out all together. Southwest is third in market share at Honolulu/Oahu; second at Kahului/Maui; third at Kona/Big Island; second at Lihue/Kauai.

I have also noticed a cutback in flights to/from San Diego, Sacramento, and Phoenix. Hawaii flights take up a sizable portion of an aircrafts flying day, so due to plane and crew shortages, I'd assume Southwest has cut some of their under/lesser performing Hawaii routes to increase flight hours for flying within the lower 48 states. They may return, but they may not or they may return many years from now, we don't know.

I've thought about Southwest doing a flight to Honolulu from Ontario since Hawaiian does that, but maybe Burbank would work better. Though it's honestly more likely that Southwest works in flights from Dallas-Love and/or Denver to Hawaii first.


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Re: Will southwest add hawaii flights from Burbank,CA

Frequent Flyer B

no for runway. Earth is not growing so every time more pavement put down animals lose