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Yuma, AZ

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Was wondering if SW will ever come to Yuma AZ International.  It would be nice instead of always Driving to Phoenix  to catch a flight.


Re: Yuma, AZ

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With the way SW has been expanding its network, nothing will surprise me! We are seeing much smaller markets get added.


Yuma does seem quite small, so I am not sure SW could support a market like that with 737s. Would they be able to fill flights?


Regardless, you might choose to share your idea directly with the airline using one of the Contact Us methods below.


Fingers crossed!


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Re: Yuma, AZ

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You have the option of telling the airline  that you would like to see the city added. Here's how:

Re: Yuma, AZ

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@dfwskier My man, you did it again.  COMMUNITY CHAMPION right here folks.

Re: Yuma, AZ

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The way Southwest has been expanding recently, it's definitely a possibility, however, I believe there are many other airports that are more likely to see Southwest service.