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checked bags between Southwest and other international carriers

Explorer C

I typically fly SW only for domestic flights and use others carriers on international flights using one single reservation. Now, I am considering flying BWI to BOS nonstop, then connecting via Aer Lingus or Turkish Air from BOS to HAM, rather using their US domestic alliance partners.


My question has to do with checked bags. On the outbound, will Southwest check my bags through to my final destination of HAM if at check-in I show my 2 separate reservations or boarding passes? If so, I much time should I allow for luggage transfer between the 2 flights?


I understand that on my inbound flight, I will have to retrieve my checked bags and then check them in at SW.


Re: checked bags between Southwest and other international carriers

Aviator A

No, Southwest does not have interline agreements so you would need to pick up your bags at baggage claim after your Southwest flight, then recheck your bags with the other airline.


Being able to check bags through to your destination is one great benefit of flying an international carrier's domestic partner.