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fares to Mexico help

Explorer C

hello all- we usually fly to and from denver to puerto vallarta on SWA since it has non  stops +/- $550 r/trip.  When looking at the monthly  fare calendar for this winter (from November - Jan)  it shows wanna get away fares as "unavailable" on all flights. I would think that perhaps it was because of limited seats. Yet when I look at a comparable chart from United on those same days /times there are plenty of seats available on UAL. Am I too early in the process and winter fares haven't been released yet ?


Re: fares to Mexico help

Aviator A

Southwest prices it's tickets for what ti thinks they will sell for. That sometimes means no Wanna Get Away fares for a while. If it looks like the tickets won't sell, the airline drops ticket prices and makes Wanna Get Away fares available.


You have two options:


1) Watch for a while to see if prices drop


2) Buy an Anytime fares as a placeholder, and see what happens. . Anytime fares are refundable.

Re: fares to Mexico help

Aviator A

Southwest is currently only selling tickets for travel through January 5, 2022. The low fare calendar shows DEN-PVR flights everyday before that so I'm not sure why you aren't seeing them.