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inflight experience

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On October 3, 2019, I left San Diego on flight #2071 leaving at 7:50 heading to Tampa with a stop in New Orleans to change to

flight #2426 arriving at 3:00 and departing at 5:50. When we arrived in New Orleans, the gentleman sitting next to me for the first leg of the flight started down the aisle to exit when he turned around and said to me, " I hope you have a nice journey." This seems like a nice comment from a nice man but it was a little more than that. During the flight I felt a great admiration and even love for this man. When he turned around to speak to me, I believe he felt admiration too, for me. He was either coming back or going to a wedding. There were a few other wedding-goers on the plane and he spoke to them. But he was traveling alone. I have been a low pro-active person in general but as I entered the terminal, I looked for him.


Admiration without words is powerful. I would like, against the odds to thank him for helping fill my heart. 

All fellow traveling detectives welcome:-)!


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I'm glad to hear that you had a pleasant experience. Thanks for sharing.

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+1 to that, great to hear. Safe travels!

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Re: inflight experience

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Here is to hoping that you find this person.  I'm not saying this literally, but when I read this and knowing SWA slogan about, LOVE.  The first thing that came to mind, LOVE is in the air....

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Hey, Nice to read experience