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no direct routes from Columbus anymore?

New Arrival

I've been flying southwest out of Columbus for over a decade.  There seem to be no direct flights from Columbus anywhere now.  Always through MDW or BWI.....  When will direct routes be added back.  Really getting tired of this


Re: no direct routes from Columbus anymore?

Rising Star

Southwest is adding new routes all while also trying to ensure it can keep it's planes full enough to have a healthy cash flow. That means big adjustments in schedules.  My home airport is in Nashville, and while we have a ton of non-stops, we have fewer numbers of non-stops on any given day due to demand. These changes are common across the industry, but you may feel them more with SW as it uses less of a hub and spoke model; traditionally, they don't operate mainly through hubs and offer many direct/non-stop options.


One could guess that as travel picks back up, the frequency of non-stop flights could as well, but that also may not be true depending on SW's strategic plans for Columbus.


There are non-stops/direct options that do still exist for CMH: BNA, MCO, HOU, PHX -- these are just a few I found quickly.


Since this is a customer community, feel free to reach out to SW directly to share your concerns.


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