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spanish speaking

New Arrival

Does anyone know if you are flying from Puerto Vallarta to LAX, if the flight attendants announce everything on the plane also in spanish? The reason I ask, if because I have a relative coming to the states for the first time and I don't know if the crew also speaks or announces in Spanish? 


Re: spanish speaking

Retired Community Manager

Hi @lesley6211


On November 1 last year, we launched the Language of Destination/Origin (LODO) program, which allows a LODO-qualified Flight Attendant to be scheduled as a working Crew Member on a flight. The LODO Flight Attendant is expected to deliver bilingual Hospitality to all our Customers and must understand the international policies and procedures, know the resources provided on international flights, and keep up with any changes made to the policies and procedures.


Unfortunately, we don't have LODO in place for Puerto Vallarta (PVR) flights at this time, but we are working to continue adding cities to the program.