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10k Without ATP

New Arrival

I have 10,000 hours  jet experience overseas and an FAA ticket just not added the ATP. I understand it can be added with the type rating.

Is it ok for me to apply and complete the ATP during training?




Re: 10k Without ATP

Rising Star

@snowman911 reading through the qualifications listed here on the "First Officer Opportunities" page I'm pretty sure you need your ATP before you are able to apply as it's listed as the first of the minimum qualifications listed under the "Certificates/Ratings" section:


  • "USA DOT/FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate"

Then here on the FAQ page of the Pilots Career Portal FAQ page the first question and answer states the same requirement (bold emphasis added by me):


"Q: Am I required to have a B737 Type Rating to be hired at Southwest Airlines?

A: A Boeing 737 Type Rating is no longer required prior to a job offer. Pilot candidates must still have a U.S. FAA unrestricted Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with an AMEL endorsement to be considered a valid applicant."


Note that the following thread also includes replies to the most recent pilot qualification related question that I've seen in the forums:


Good luck!

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