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15 minute call with Associate Recruiter

Explorer C


I need some help on what to expect on a 15-minute call with an associate recruiter. I applied for an administrative position. Unsure if it is related, the email states that it's not an interview, just a formal to get to know each other. Any pointers on how to make it successful? 

thank you community! 


Re: 15 minute call with Associate Recruiter

Adventurer C

Treat it like an interview, have your resume handy in case they want to review it, or ask you questions regarding it, be yourself, smile through the phone.  Do you have questions for them, have them ready.  Use that 15 min call to your advantage, give them a reason to schedule a formal interview, let them know why you are a good fit!


That’s just my two cents.  It’s an opportunity, make it a great one 🙂

Re: 15 minute call with Associate Recruiter

Aviator C

Be positive and genuine during your conversation. Good luck to you. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion