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2018 Flight Attendant Position

New Arrival

I had gone on the Southwest Website the 11th of February on multiple browsers and each time was never able to submit an application.  I know that there are very few openings so it was very disappointing when it closed before I was able to apply.  If there is a specific browser to use when applying or anything else I can do to be notified in the future?


Thank you,


Erin Wilson


Re: 2018 Flight Attendant Position


Hi @erinlw,


Thank you for your interest in a Career at Southwest Airlines!


In order to remain consistent in our hiring practices and to be fair to all applicants, we are unable to accept a resume after a position has closed. If you’ve got a specific career in mind and want to keep an eye on those opportunities, we suggest signing up for a job alert visit


We LUV knowing of your interest in Southwest, and we encourage you to continue watching our web site for future openings!


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