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2018 W2 former employee

New Arrival

Is there a way to get a copy of my W2 online? I still haven’t gotten it, I have moved since leaving and it was not forwarded.  Any help would be appreciated. ❤️💛💙


Re: 2018 W2 former emploee

Active Member

Just contact the human resource at southwest airlines. Wow! I have seen so many "Former employee" and "2018" are asking for W2 form lately, how long did you guys work for southwest and asked for W2 form?

Re: 2018 W2 former emploee

Top Contributor

I saw you tagged @KelbyTansey in your post, but don't know if tagging notifies her like actually including her name in the post. Hopefully now she will notice your post and be able to assist like she has with other former employees.