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2018 summer Internship deadline question

New Arrival

I got an email yesterday saying that my applpication for one of the internships I am applying for with Southwest will expire "in 24 hours". Since I opened that application on Nov 15, does that just mean we have 48  hours from the time we open it to compelte it? or does the applciation time close midnight of Nov 16?

I am still waiting on a letter of recommendation and osme other feedback before I can submit everything and I thought the application did not close until Friday the 17th. 

Response would be helpful! 


Re: 2018 summer Internship deadline question


Hi @joelchristopher,


We are thrilled to hear you are interested in our Campus Reach Internship program! The positions posted on our website will all close at 11:59 PM CST tonight (11/17). However, we do recommend submitting your application ahead of the closing time to avoid any technology mishaps. We hope to see your application soon!


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