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6/13 Dallas TOPS - Helpful Information

Adventurer A

Hey cohearts! MCO is sending 6 of us (CSA's) to Dallas tonight. If you're going to be attending, please shout out here with your station and position (and possibly a photo so we'll recognize one another). 


with LUV from MCO 


***Look for the lady with long dark and and a wicked Boston accent*** ***far left, thumbs up******far left, thumbs up***


Re: 6/13 Dallas TOPS - Finally! Shout out here!

Adventurer B

Beautiful picture I’m not a CSA butttttt I will be there tomorrow!!!! I hope you ready for some heat 😮💨😮💨 and welcome to Dallas!!!!

Re: 6/13 Dallas TOPS - Finally! Shout out here!

Frequent Flyer A

If you feel like having a nice, healthy splurge on an amazing meal, Dakota's downtown is the place to be. I had the best pork chop of my life there. The steaks were delicious and the staff was first class. We all sampled each others meats. The filet was literally melting in our mouths. I highly recommend it. It's fancy, and it is a wonderful experience. 

Re: 6/13 Dallas TOPS - Finally! Shout out here!

Explorer A

Austin is in the house! Six of us are here! 

N Re: 6/13 Dallas TOPS - Finally! Shout out here!

Frequent Flyer B

Woohoo! Flight OPS here in the back. 4 of us from Dallas Headquarters 

Re: 6/13 Dallas TOPS - Finally! Shout out here!

Adventurer C

Can you update us on how Dallas is going, and what your doing, kind of like you did your first part of “training so far”.  It was awesome info, very informative & helpful!!!  Thanks

Re: 6/13 Dallas TOPS - Finally! Shout out here!

Adventurer A

"Can you update us on how Dallas is going, and what your doing, kind of like you did your first part of “training so far”.  It was awesome info, very informative & helpful!!!  Thanks"


Oh, wow, okay. Dallas was amazing! We were there for SW 51st bday, and I have the pink happy birthday crown to prove it! 🤣


What's funny is that by the time we were set to head to TOPS, I had had so much OJT, that I felt like it might be a wasted trip. Was I ever wrong! 


The first day "red carpet welcome" was awesome! I'm glad I ended up getting a rental for the week (and with SW corporate code, I ended up getting close to 50% off, plus SW covers the hotel parking fee). We didn't get into Love Field until after 12:30 at night, so there was no shuttle service (it stops at 10:00 pm from the airport), and our lift codes weren't working for some odd reason.  It was a quick 15 minute drive to TOPS from the hotel, so no waiting for the shuttle before or after class. ***Especially on your last day when you're released right after your final test (around 1:00 pm), but the shuttles don't pick up until 3:30 pm.*** Plus no lugging around your luggage from the hotel on your last day to the TOPS building.


We stayed at the downtown Sheraton and it was the most fun ever. Make sure you ask them to apply your 50% discount at the hotel store and at the restaurants. A lot of great things are in walking distance, but in that Texas heat (this from a person who lives in FL) is a killer! On my second day, it was 115, and the sole of my shoe legit melted off! 🤣🤣🤣 Me and my team had the biggest laugh!!! 


The class is no where near as stressful as you may be imagining. The trainers are phenomenal!!! They've all been with SW for forever, and have probably worked in most of the above and below wing positions. Explore Wings, but don't believe the hype when they tell you that  this is the place to eat. The TOPS cafeteria is AWESOME! Oh, and grab your coffee at the hotel - you get a discount there. Full price at TOPS. Speaking of eating ... your first morning, you will be paying for your breakfast, because your meal card is at TOPS waiting for you. We got $300- for 5 days. Me and one of my cohearts budgeted so well, that on our last two days we still had almost $200-. It was steak dinner on our last night and breakfast and lunch at TOPS, and about $50- worth of snacks to take with us to the airport! 😋


We met and exchanged phone numbers with soooooo many people. Shout out to Denver (largest group in our class), Phoenix, Austin, San Antonio, and Baltimore (the BEAST!)!!!


I genuinely met friends I will have for a lifetime. We text / talk nearly daily!  


Dress was super casual --- and there I was in business dress every day! 🤣


All in all, it was an experience of a lifetime and I can't wait to go back in the future! 


Have a look at day 1:





Pro tip: Don't get drunk. Seriously, don't. All those horror stories you've most likely been told by your trainers at this point about getting drunk in Dallas are true. I personally witnessed four incidents. So, just don't do it. I want to see all of your faces when I'm traveling to your stations! 

Re: 6/13 Dallas TOPS - Finally! Shout out here!

Adventurer C



Thank you for taking the time to reply, and once again you did not disappoint.  Sounds like you guys had a blast.


So, I am gathering that having a rental car is the way to go for a number of reasons, (no shuttle from the airport, Lyft codes not working, luggage storage on last day, no parking fees) sounds like s great plan and I will def be renting one.


If we don't spend the full $300, can SW recoup their bal, or we are encouraged to spend it all?


Appreciate the info about the discounts and paying for your bfast on the first morning.


Once again very awesome helpful and useful info and I greatly appreciate it.  I kept checking back for your reply 🙂



Re: 6/13 Dallas TOPS - Finally! Shout out here!

Adventurer A

Spend the entire 300- while there. Some folks were able to use their cards at the airport on the last day, others were not. There's two schools of thought: 1. The card deactivates once you've swiped your badge the last time at TOPS 2. The card deactivates at a certain time of day. I had about 40- left on my card at the airport but it didn't authorize when I got a coffee there. 


Regarding the rental - 


Those of us who got one were happy we did, even though it's an out of pocket expense. Those who didn't were happy for a ride from us. Don't use the SW link in SWAlife for your car rental. Instead, click on the rental company logos beneath that link and use the SW corp discount code. I went with Enterprise, and got a 7 pax caravan (the most expensive rental) for less than 380- for 6 days (Sun - Fri), which included the airport fees, et c. 


You can also use your card to purchase meals at surrounding restaurants, and for uber eats/ door dash. Be mindful that there is a 70- limit per purchase. Also, if you do purchase alcohol with your card, it has to be with a meal, not  a stand alone purchase.  Accounting scans the purchases made after you return to your station and you will be required to reimburse any charges that aren't food, or that are stand alone alcohol purchases. 


Don't forget to visit the "grassy knoll (JFK)"! There are a bunch of cool museums within walking distance of the hotel, but many close by 5. Make sure to check the operation times before going. Street parking was bountiful, and their public transportation system is very cool. Hop on a trolley right behind the hotel for a ride! Getting to WINGS cafeteria is quirky from TOPS, you take the elevator to the third floor, walk across an 1/8th mile catwalk, then take the elevator down to the first floor. 


***If your trainer doesn't give you the hour lunch ours gave to us, you won't be able to make it to WINGS, eat, and return.***


Do NOT take the highway route from the hotel to TOPS. Dallas highway congestion is horrifying!


Join the credit union. It's awesome. (Day 1). 


There's lots of fun swag. The SW store is pricey, and it was only open Mon and Tues while we were there. If you see a room in TOPS with a white board on the outside saying: "SWA U", those are trainers from all different stations. Say hello ... you never know when you'll meet again, and you want your face remembered. 


You will actually learn a lot of helpful information and useful  tools while there. I promise it's not just a "drink the koolaid" visit. 


There's a cool rooftop pool on the fourth floor of the hotel. Have a visit. 


Do NOT bring anyone with you or plan to have someone meet you at the hotel. A solid 50% of the guests are SW, and only 50% of those people are there for training. Think of something unique/interesting to say about yourself/ your experience thus far for  your introduction to everyone. 


Which ever station your trainer came from ... ask them about it, along with your cohearts. I was shocked to learn that Albany only has like three flights a day ... what a difference from my Mega station (MCO) - AND Albany trains in Boston for a week to get a feel for a larger station. I was able to give my Albany cohearts a lot of useful info for their visit there since I'm a native born and raised Bostonian. Otherwise, they would have just stayed in their hotel room all week.   


Check out some of the meals we had while there ... 20220615_185400.jpg20220616_195031.jpg

Re: 6/13 Dallas TOPS - Finally! Shout out here!

Explorer C

I’m 10 months late replying to this, but how cool! Looks like a fun and productive trip. 

I got my official job offer yesterday with a start date of May 1st. I’m nervous and excited. 

As for TOPS , class/training is morning to afternoon let’s say 7am to 3pm and after that they shuttle you back to hotel and then you’re free to go out and hangout with coworkers/new friends?