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A hiring cancellation is a tbnt?

Explorer A

Hey again. 


I applied to another recent opening and I got an email back last week about it being cancelled(app status shows: requisition cancelled). I did make a call and it sounds like it falls under a tbnt but not sure I worded my question the best, and it seemed like I was a bother, so I let it go and decided to ask here.


Basically, the email was from a recruiter stating that they decided not to hire for that posting and closed it.


Anyone know if that really disqualifies you from reapplying for that position/location for the same year(?) timeframe? It would be a lil discouraging, tbh, since they didn't personally turn -you- down...they didn't hire anybody. :3


Re: A hiring cancellation is a tbnt?

Aviator A

I haven't heard about being disqualified from applying for another position based on previously applying, is that really a thing? Even if it is, I would suspect it would not apply to this situation since the posting was canceled. Good luck!