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After F2F interview?

Explorer C

I recently had a f2f interview at Rochester New York airport for a Customer Service position.  I thought the interview went well, especially considering I work for another global airline.  I wanted to moved back to Rochester because I recently had my second grandchild. One week later I recieved an email it was kind of general saying that I did not get the position.  I was shock but none the less I really wanted to work for S.W I hear it is a fun place to work, and not as uptight as the current airline I work for.  I just wish I knew why. I was directed to apply for other positions but, isn't it SW policy to wait 12 months before applying again? Rochester will probably never open up again.


Re: After F2F interview?


Hi @KayCee1,


Thanks so much for your interest in joining our Team, and for the effort that you put into the application process. You can apply for other positions or locations within the 12 month time frame, but you are correct that you cannot apply for the same role that you had the face-to-face interview for within the 12 month period. We recommend that you join our Talent Community in order to sign up for job alerts and to receive updates about positions opening in the area. Best of luck!



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