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After phone interview process

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hello everybody I had a phone interview about a month ago and after the interview the recruiter told me i would be receiving a call about a face  to face interview in about 3-5 business days i have yet to receive anything. My profile says "under review" i check daily to see if i can get some kind of update. My fellow colleges have told me to practice patience but its just so stressful. Can anyone give me any insight on my situation.


Re: After phone interview process

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@nfonseca2k I think it goes without saying that “Under Review” is better than “Closed Complete”.  Also remember that this important process takes time. 


Listen to your peers and practice patience. That’s all you can do now. Take advantage of this time and show your hopeful employer that you can handle stressful situations and present a positive attitude at the same time. 

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Re: After phone interview process

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Hello nfonseca2k!


I applied 2/5, got my phone interview mid March, was told the next day I passed to the f2f (face to face) interview. I didn't get my flight booking email until 9/21. My f2f was scheduled this Wednesday 10/17 and I was offered my CJO (contingent job offer) today 10/20 (which I accepted woo!). So, I had to wait 6 months before they started the f2f portion of the process.  It can take awhile as you can see. Training isn't even gonna start until March 2019 for me. Just please hang in there. I promise it will start moving for you soon! Hope you get it! Sincerely, best of luck!


Ian L.

Re: After phone interview process

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Congratulations! I applied for a customer service position a couple weeks ago and was worried as I haven't heard anything. Thanks for advising it may take a while to hear anything! I will have patience with the process!

Best of luck with your training and new career! I am sure you will be amazing!