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After the f2f received phone call??.

New Arrival



So it's been about two weeks since my face to face interview for a Ramp Agent position. I honestly thought I wouldn't be hearing from them because it wasn't my best interview. Today while at work I got a call from Lisa from their Atlanta office. I called back immediately, however she is  krogerfeedback talktosonic talktowendys gone for the day. I went to my dashboard and the application does say "closed complete."  Do they call to let people know that the DIDNT get the position? If I did get hired is there something other than "closed complete" that appears? I want to be excited but I know it could be a "sorry you didn't get the job" call.





Re: After the f2f received phone call??.

Rising Star

That is a good question, are you able to provide an update when you find out?

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